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Dublin Airport Buses

For a facility such as Dublin airport, accessibility to the facility is always considered as a basic necessity by the users. Dublin airport is in Collinstown located ten kilometers north of Dublin city. Access to the airport is on different means and one of the major ones is by the use of the bus services. The airport is actually served by two major motorways that connect it to the city center. The bus service in most cases have marked drop off zones near the terminal building.

There are a number of coach services provided by the different companies operating routes to and from the airport. Some of the bus companies operating Dublin routes are Wexford Bus,, Dublin coach, citylink, Fly bus, Airlink and Dublin bus among other coaches. The bus and coaches all operate different routes to a fro the airport keeping a constant availability of bus to leave and get to the airport. The buses have designated drop off and pick up zones which are clearly marked and signposted to provide order and even reduce congestion.

The bus services are considerably cheap. The fare charges are considerably reduced as part of the company’s marketing strategies to attract passengers to their bus services. The airport bus links also have their various timetables posted at the airports vicinity for easier planning passengers who intend to use the services. The bus routes are also well labeled to ensure one board a bus that will take them to their destination and not get them lost within the greater Ireland bus routes. The bus services provide a convenient mode of transportation to the airport and from the airport to the inner parts of the country and therefore a bus travel is an idea to be put under consideration among the other channels of transportation.