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Avis Dublin Airport

Dublin airport is considerably a well rounded airport in that is provides it users with other services apart from opportunities to move in and out of Ireland. As a tourist to the Ireland nation or even a local looking to move up and about, car hire is one of those services that will enhance that movement. On reaching Dublin airport you will be met by different options of car rentals and one of those options is found in the company Avis car hire.

Named after its founder Warren Avis, the company started its operation in 1946 with a fleet of three cars and grown to what it is today covering the greater Europe. Avis offers a wide range of cars from the top manufactures and different and affordable price range. The terms and conditions of the company require that before one is given a car he is eligible to it. The eligibility comes by holding a valid driving license for about eight years. The booking of the Avis services can be undertaken online or through their offices at the available pick up points.

The Avis Company offers additional services such as additional driver, child seats and GPS systems. Away from that, the company also offers cross border rental services allowing users to move into Northern Ireland while staying in the nation of Ireland. The company is also strict on the adherence to road rules and regulations. Traffic offences are charged to the clients and even associated services such as towing and equivalent taxations. The company also adheres to the safety of its clients by ensuring the cars are well maintained and road worthy. In the event of cancellation of services refunds will be made according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the company’s policy plans.