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Dublin Tourist Attractions

The larger Ireland city is known for its tourism attraction sites which cannot be undermined when talking about the nation. The country side offers attractions of different kinds giving the country opportunity to attract visitors from different walks of life. Upon landing at the Dublin airport, if one has a few hours or days to spend there is a number of locations that are considered as a must see. The so called a must see locations are merely due to their captivating and mouthwatering appearance or activities taking place.

The attractions are provided are in different forms such as building architecture, history by museums and other forms. Some of the considered top ten attractions around Dublin are due to their cultural and historical nature and others merely because of their uniqueness in appearance. First of all for the lovers of history there is the Gunnies’ Store House which is considered as Ireland’s number one tourist attraction. Home to the famous Guinness drink the house is 7 floors high with a 360 degrees view of Dublin skyline. Coming in second is the Croke Park Museum which is considered as one of the most magnificent stadiums with a capacity of 82,000. For the lovers of history there is the National Museum of Ireland renowned for its exemplary culture and art. The museum is known to provide insight into the heritage of Ireland and its past.

Still on history and architecture, one cannot afford to miss the Georgian Dublin boasting of the magnificent Georgian architecture. Also one can go on the James Joyce Tour for opportunity to learn about Dublin’s treasured son James Joyce who was a renowned writer. If you are the mystical type and love legends and mystery, then The Ghost Bus is a sight you would definitely enjoy. The Bus offers insight into legends and gives a tour of most terrifying sights in Dublin.

For fun and recreation Dublin also has at hand facilities to quench your thirst for adventure. First of all for children and animal lovers, there is the Dublin zoo. The zoo lying on a 60 acre piece of land houses more than 235 species of animals. The zoo also has ample space for picnicking in its spectacular gardens with the animals safely in their enclosures. The zoo houses wild animals such as tigers, giraffes, hippos and crocodiles along with tamed ones such as goats, ponies and sheep. For that sporty adventure, Dublin surroundings offer what is known as sea safari. This is an action packed water adventure going around Dublin bay landscape. While on this boat ride one gets the privilege to share the waters with exotic animals such as dolphins, seals, puffins among others.

For recreation, one can also check in at the St Stephens Green which is a public park in Dublin’s main shopping area. The park is a gateway from the busy city life as it offers exotic gardens and plant life. It also has a lake which plays host to ducks and birds providing a good viewing and relaxation spot. These are just but a few of the attractions around Dublin airport and its environs. In the greater outskirts there are a number of other attraction sites that offer sites of exemplary architecture, history and recreation facilities. All these sites are accessible through the different modes of transportation such as car and railway. The railway stations are in most cases adjacent to the facilities and one has to do a bit of commuting to get to the destinations. On the other had by cars (coaches, taxi and rental) one can get right into the vicinity of such locations.