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Dublin Airport

In this development oriented times an airport is one of the necessities as it serves as a major communication point to other regions. An effective airport will see a proper linkage of a country to its neighbors and even those that are far away. An effective airport will have good facilities that all around to give the users a sense of worth of their choice. In the nation of Ireland one of the airports that serves as the communication point is the Dublin airport.

Within Ireland in terms of geographical location, the Dublin airport is conveniently located ten kilometers (10Km) north of Dublin city centre. The airport is located a few yards from the M50 and the M1 motorways. This makes accessing the airport a convenient task. When using a car to either pick up or drop of a friend or family at the airport. The airport authority has designated parking zones that outside its two terminals for the drop off and also has multi storey car parks which people are advised to use when picking up people. For convenience, the car parks are signposted to enable easy identification. It is advisable that no cars are left unattended as such cars will be towed or clamped by the airport police and a €140 will be charged for recovery of vehicle and a €35 charge for delay upon each day.

If you are not a car lover, the airport is still accessible by other options. One of those options is by using the over a 1,000 buses and coaches that access the airport on a daily basis. The buses and coach services serve the great Ireland and some of the companies involved are Flybus, Aircoach, Airlink, Citylink, Dublin coach just but to mention a few. If you prefer the rail road for your travels, there is o direct link or Dublin airport with a rail road rather you will be required to use another means to get to the airport once the train brings you to the rain station of your choice.

The operations of the airport are a part of the story of its success. One of the teams involved is the Dublin Airport Authority. This team is overall charged with the responsibility of overseeing that the airport is operated with the outermost highest international standards and meanwhile within the approved legislature. The authority has its own police in place to help with the safety and security around the airport. The other teams that facilitate the operations are the staff of the airport and the associated airline carrier staff.

Dublin airport has been a success story among its other companions such as the cork airport. The airport is considered the busiest of the state with an estimated 18.7 million people using the airport in the last year. The airport offers approximately fifty departures to all the six London airports. It is also the headquarters of Ireland’s flag carrier (Aer Lingus) accompanied with an assortment of other airlines. Some of the aircraft services providing companies are Ryanair, Aer Arann, Cityjet being the major carriers undertaking both international and domestic flights. All this flights run on two main terminals of the airport.

With the current success the future of the airport is bright. There are extensive plans to enhance development of the airport. One of the developments is the construction of a new runway as the two running terminals are overwhelmed. The airport is also undertaking a new air traffic control complex project to replace the existing one. There is also a massive ambitious plan to develop a 350 acre land reserve to the east of Dublin Airport.

Airport Information

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GMT +0.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
53° 26’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
6° 15’ 0" W
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2,637m (8,652ft)
45m (148ft)
2,072m (6,798ft)
61m (200ft)